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Personalized URL Shortener

I always like to take a break from websites once in a while. how do I break? Try something new in websites. So I set my mind in setting up a personalized url shortening service. I found a php based program YOURLS and set up the server and tweaked the files to work. I found a personalized short domain name to use for the shortened urls. which amounts to 6 characters, pretty short. It should read MyR².us but superscript characters are not allowed in a domain so I compromised. The R² signifies my initials and a reference of geekdom by some, I think. So it is a pretty cool way to shorten web address for Twitter and Facebook. Here is a sample shortened url to the City of Casa Grande website

Interested in your own url shortening service website? Contact me for details.

Expand your Pinal County Business Globally

Expand your local business globallyThe recession is a great time to expand your brick and mortar presence to the web. Looking for more sales and more traffic? Many people look exclusively online for local businesses and if you are not present on the web, you may be missing out on a younger demographic. It will probably cost you about one months worth of newspaper advertising and that will get you a website for an entire year! You can sell items online which expands your market place globally.  Don't let the world marketplace pass you by, if you are a local business and want to expand your presence contact me for a free consultation. Remember, a professional looking website is key to gaining trust from potential customers and if you are a local business, web savvy visitors will have made a decision based on how your website looks. If you are in that situation, consider a web makeover. It costs much less than you think.

Social Media Train Has Left The Station

Web 2.0 Social Media Networking HelpMany businesses want to get on the web 2.0 train very quickly. I can help. I have added social media services to my current services. As the need for businesses expanded into the ever growing social media realm, businesses can capitalize on being in the social network. I can help create a presence in the social network, help build a fan base and get the word out about your product or service. There is no better way to build a brand and business than by having people talk about it and they are talking about it on social media sites. So don't know where to begin? Request a free consultation and lets discuss how social media can help build your business and fan base. Web design in Casa Grande Arizona and integration into Twitter and Facebook will help you expand your web presence.

Speedtest Added

With as many computers as I test and fix at various locations, I am always testing broadband connection speeds so I setup a subdomain where I can run speed tests and determine if the internet service provider is slow or if it is the connection or computer. I have decided to allow everyone to use the speedtest. It is a flash based test so flash is needed to run it.The speedometer displays just like a car so its easy to use and visualize your connection speed. Try it and see if your isp is delivering the speed they promised you.

Great Tool for a Quick Conficker Check

I come across many items in my email subscriptions to various newsletters and will share the most important ones here.

One that caught my attention this past week is a conficker quick check. It is a very easy and quick check to see if you may be infected with the conficker worm. It is an eye chart (sort of) for your computer. It pulls in images from the various anti-virus websites, which the conficker worm blocks access to those sites, so you can quickly see if you are blocked access to those sites. A quick and easy test. This is what the test looks like. This is not the test, so don't use this to determine whether you are infected. In order to test your computer view the test on the conficker working goup website.



Conficker Eye Chart